The Sunshine Group (Doréma, Alpenkreuzer and De Waard) have withdrawn their participation of all the European camping trade fairs until the end of 2020. “We, currently, find it irresponsible to expose our employees and business relations to large visitor numbers on trade fairs”, according to Marcel Beekman, CEO of the Sunshine Group.

“The necessary and intense preparations, the unpredictability of the situation and possible future measures, sadly force us to make this decision at this time. It goes without saying that our products continue to be available for consumers via our dealers in the countries and our own showrooms of the De Waard brand in The Netherlands. Here, as well as through our websites, our customers keep being informed and recommended on fitting camping solutions.

In the long term, we expect the Corona-virus to have a positive effect on the camping industry in particular: people will sooner make the decision to go camping and choose for holidays closer to home. This offers us many opportunities. The growth in Doréma’s focus areas will continue to strengthen our position, the potential for De Waard is huge and also the tent trailer market will keep offering opportunities to further grow the Alpenkreuzer brand. With these brands, we’ll be actively present on the national and international trade fairs in 2021”.

Download official press release: Pressrelease Fairs 2020